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flat fee

Flat fee agreements may be ideal for: 


Attorneys with extremely involved or long term but very limited legal support needs, such as a project of no rush of about one to two hours per week. 


Pro per or self-represented litigants able to appear for themselves in Court. 


Attorneys or members of the general public with very specific desired outcomes.


Pro per litigants prosecuting or defending an Unlawful Detainer. 


Seeking contractor to effect service of process or private investigator in San Francisco County. 

For more information on flat fee service agreement terms, please navigate to the billing page or contact Bay Scrivener Legal.

Benefits of flat fee service agreements:

Limited scope agreements include automated deadline management services, access to third-party vendors, process servers, assistance with judicial council forms, and assistance performing legal research at client's direction


Refunds for work not performed due to extraordinary circumstance or outcome

Disadvantages of flat fee service agreement

Upfront deposit. 

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