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Hunt Legal Support is proud to provide Bay Area attorneys specializing in business litigation, construction defect/real estate law, and landlord-tenant law with top-notch legal support services at hourly rates. Clients love working with us - so get in touch. Discussing solutions for your project, assignment, or legal issue, is free and commitment-free. If you’d like more information about a specific offering, please don't hesitate to call Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. 



An ideal arrangement for: 

  1. Sole practitioner law firms in need of ongoing assistance.

  2. Pro per or self-represented individuals for small claims actions or limited disputes.


  • Full and limited scope independent paralegal and legal service agreement options available

  • Limited Scope Legal Document Assistance for Litigants,

  • Service of Process


Benefits of hourly service agreement

  • Less upfront cost

  • Great for pro per plaintiffs seeking assistance with small drafting project.

  • Also ideal for law firms seeking an independent paralegal to be on-call on an ongoing basis or with temporary work, or seasonal or case overflow.


Disadvantages of hourly service agreement

  • Full scope agreement is not available for general public, i.e. clients without bar numbers

  • Project must be fully-fleshed out for limited scope agreement and every hour of requested work must be paid in advance with another hour deposited

  • Not offered to pro per defendants

An example of our hourly fee agreement with non-disclosure agreement: 

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